GMSummon – Spawn Tamed Dinos

Full list of all the creatures the GMSummon command will work on to spawn in a perfectly tamed dino in ASE and ASA (if dino available in ASA).

Creatures you spawn in using the GMSummon command code will be perfect tamed as if you have tamed them in game. That means they get full 100% taming effectiveness so will spawn at the level you specify plus 50%.

I have used level 150 as default which means these will spawn in at level 225 (150+75=225) – you can change the ‘150’ in the code to any level you want.

If you are looking for commands to spawn in wild dinos then please visit the list of wild dino spawn commands.

How to use the GMSummon Code and FAQ’s?

How to Use Cheat Codes

  • Press the TAB key on your keyboard to open your console (bottom of screen)
  • Paste a spawn command from the list below into the console and press the ENTER key on your keyboard.
  • Note: If on multiplayer you must first enter the code enablecheats adminpassword in the console.


How do I change Parameters?

admincheat GMSummon [Creature Identifier] [Level]

  • [Creature Identifier] – the unique code you can copy from above.
  • [Level] – As the creature you summon will be ‘perfect tamed’ as if you tamed it in game then it will gain 100% taming efficiency which equates to 50% extra levels (level specified + 50% of level specified).

    For example, request a level 100 and it will spawn in at level 150 (100+50=150), request a level 200 and it will spawn in at 300 (200+100=300), etc.

    Visit each creatures page to see more commands and use the easy parameter builders.

Should I use Admincheat or Cheat?

I have included admincheat in all the commands you can copy above for convenience as it works everywhere.

Single player you can use the command cheat or simply the GFI code alone instead.

Do I need a password?

Singleplayer: On single player you do not need to use a password.

Multiplayer: If on multiplayer you must enter the code enablecheats adminpassword in the console before any cheats / commands will work. You can get your password from your server provider / host or admin.

Why my code doesn’t work?

If you are playing Ark Survival Ascended (ASA) then the dino or creature you are trying to spawn may not be in the game files yet. This could be updated in a future patch or when additional maps are added to the game. there is nothing we can do but wait.

Anything missing? Any errors? Please let me know, ty.

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