Color IDs For Dinos

A Color ID is a code / number that corresponds to all of the colors in Ark that are used on creatures. These are standard colors that are permanent and can be passed on to their offspring (Event Colours from Candies, etc. are excluded).

The Color ID code can be used with the cheat command “setTargetDinoColor” to give dinos any color you choose. I have included every color below plus my easy tool to build the command to cheat change the color of any dino (just one region or the whole dino).

Time to create the perfect dino of your dreams!

If you are looking for colors to paint your dinos, gear or structures visit the Dye Colors page.

How to change parameters and FAQ's?

Dino Color ID Change Commands

Change your dinos colors easily with the “setTargetDinoColor” command and a full list of Color ID’s.

Look at the dino you want to change the color of (under your crosshair) and use the command.

Change ALL Regions of Dino Color Command

admincheat setTargetDinoColor 0 0 | setTargetDinoColor 1 0 | setTargetDinoColor 2 0 | setTargetDinoColor 3 0 | setTargetDinoColor 4 0 | setTargetDinoColor 5 0

Copy and enter the Color ID into the box above from the full Color ID list below.

Change One Region Command

admincheat setTargetDinoColor 1 0

Change Dino Color Region:

Copy and enter the Color ID into the box above from the full Color ID list below.

Parameters – setTargetDinoColor [region] [color ID]

Choose Your Color ID

Search by color ID, group (eg. Blues), name.

How to Use Cheat Codes

  • Press the TAB key on your keyboard to open your console (bottom of screen)
  • Paste a spawn command from the list below into the console and press the ENTER key on your keyboard.
  • Note: If on multiplayer you must first enter the code enablecheats adminpassword in the console.


How do I change Parameters?

Parameters – setTargetDinoColor [region] [color ID]

  • [Region] – Each creature in Ark has up to 6 color regions which relate to the numbers 0-5 (use 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5).
  • [Color ID] – All of the Color Id’s are listed above with an easy search and filter to find your perfect color quickly. Change this parameter to the Color ID number you choose.

Should I use Admincheat or Cheat?

I have included admincheat by default in the command you can copy above for convenience as it works everywhere.

Single player you can use the command cheat or simply the command alone instead.

Do I need a password?

Singleplayer: On single player you do not need to use a password.

Multiplayer: If on multiplayer you must enter the code enablecheats adminpassword in the console before any cheats / commands will work. You can get your password from your server provider / host or admin.

Why can’t I see the color when I use the command?

Not all colors are visible when you use the command as not all creatures have all regions. If you are coloring a dino and the color does not show then you are likely trying to color a region that doesn’t exist on that dino. Try the next region, as far as I can tell every creature has at least 3 color regions so keep trying!

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