ASA Structure GFI Codes

Full list of all the new structures in ASA (Ark Survival Ascended) with GFI codes to spawn in any structure you need.

NEW: Now includes Bob’s Tall Tales DLC items.

As we all know Wildcard changed and improved the whole building system in ASA. Not only were sizes, snap points and graphics improved but certain structures were grouped together to give us a more streamlined and simple system.

After much deliberation I decided to list all of the structures under their names as you would want to place them to search with ease, but if you need to know the main group name (Eg. a wooden ramp can be found under “Wood Roof, Ramp & Stairs”) simply click the little plus sign and it will give you the main group name if it exists.

You can also find the full gfi code, max stack size plus special notes (if applicable) under the little plus sign too!

This took a long time for me to pull this data together so please share with your friends, ty.

Search by category or simply search by name.

How to use GFI Codes and FAQ’s?

How to Use Cheat Codes

  • Press the TAB key on your keyboard to open your console (bottom of screen)
  • Paste a spawn command from the list below into the console and press the ENTER key on your keyboard.
  • Note: If on multiplayer you must first enter the code enablecheats adminpassword in the console.


How do I change Parameters?

Please use the easy command builder on each individual item’s page linked to in the table above. If you want to learn how to change parameters yourself, here’s what each parameter does and how to change it.

admincheat GFI [Item Identifier] [Quantity] [Quality] [ForceBlueprint]

  • [Item Identifier] – the unique code you can copy from above.
  • [Quantity] – how many you want to spawn.
  • [Quality] – the quality of the item (1-100). For Structures this parameter is irrelevant so leave it as a zero.
  • [ForceBlueprint] – 0 for the item / 1 for a blueprint.

Should I use Admincheat or Cheat?

I have included admincheat in all the commands you can use the copy button above for just for convenience as it works everywhere.

Single player you can use the command cheat or simply the GFI code alone instead.

Do I need a Password?

Singleplayer: On single player you do not need to use a password.

Multiplayer: If on multiplayer you must enter the code enablecheats adminpassword in the console before any cheats / commands will work. You can get your password from your server provider / host or admin.

Why does my Code not Work?

If the item you want to spawn is super new it may not have been added into the main game or devkit yet. In those cases they will usually be added in the next big update but until then we simply have to wait. I will only list cheat commands here which I have personally tested and and are proven to work.

Sometimes GFI codes fail, by far the most likely cause is a conflict with a mod, or sometimes it appears to be an issue with not having the item already in your cache (this cause is debatable but I have seen it mentioned quite often), or maybe an update has temporarily broken the codes.

First, try using the full GFI code listed under the little plus sign, but unfortunately if that does not work then your only option is to disable mods one by one to see which is conflicting with your code. I have only tested these codes with mods which can be used in the official game.

Anything missing? Any errors? Please let me know, ty.

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