Cheat Codes

Item Cheats

All Items List

All the Items you can currently find in Ark.

1600 items you can narrow down by category or simply start typing in the search box for find exactly what you are looking for.

See List of every Item.

Creature Cheats

All Creatures Screenshot

All the Creatures in Ark listed to find their individual pages with all the commands and codes you need..

Full searchable list of all 427 creatures (yes, there are that many in the base game!).

See List of all creatures.


Commands Full List Screenshot

Every known command you can use in Ark to spawn, destroy, teleport, run your server, change your map, etc, etc – there’s so much you can do!

232 commands to change your world or just cause havoc with 🙂

See Commands.

Color Id’s

Color Id's Screenshot

All the color ID’s in the game. 100 colors you can use to color your dinos.

Useful command builder to change the color on the different regions of your dinos!

See Color Id’s

Dye Colorings

Dye Colorings Full List Screenshot

Every dye coloring you can spawn in in Ark survival Evolved (ASE) and Ark Survival Ascended (ASA).

25 ASE plus 126 ASA colors you can use to color yourself, structures, gear, saddles and more!

See Dye Colorings.

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