About Me


Hi, I’m Daisy and I’ve been playing Ark since 2016. How time flies!

With over 10.5k hours in the game and 3 accounts (those sales are just too tempting, I had a good reason for each one at the time, honest).

I’ve played PVP and PVE, official and unofficial, Prim+, SOTF, every official map and even tried making my own map and mods in the Ark devkit (it’s far harder than I imagined, much respect to the mod geniuses <3 ).

These days I mainly play official and unofficial PVE ASA but am also still playing my single player game from my ASE official save and am slowly, v slowly, working my way through all the achievements and a few silly challenges I’ve made up myself along the way. That takes up quite a bit of my time, but recently I’ve started exploring the world of unofficial maps and trying out some awesome mods, there really is a never-ending choice of things to do in Ark!

I’ve built this website mainly for myself … Ark is such an in-depth complicated game that you need constantly look things up, check a calculator or look for advice on how to easily achieve something that I built up quite a collection of notes and screenshots that I decided to put it all into an easy to find format and share my vast collection of Ark knowledge with the world – besides that I’ve really enjoyed learning how to build a website and master how Ark works under the bonnet for the cheats and calculators (going live very soon!).

This has been great fun to build and I was really pleased to get it launched just before ASA came out!

I’ve got lots of content, guides and calculators in the pipeline and I’m hoping to build this into a massive, and v useful, resource throughout ASA…and beyond.

I hope you find my website helpful, if you do please come back and spread the word to your tribemates and friends. Ty <3

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